I wish I had so many endorsements I had to leave some out but, as you saw previously, I have really just started practising again.

I was a couple of months into recovering from a running injury when I experienced Reiki for the first time. I understand the parts that physiotherapy, ice, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and rest play in healing, but energy wasn’t on my radar — literally. I know Barry to be a sensible, trustworthy guy, so that removed any apprehension I might have otherwise had. It didn’t cure anything but, like yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I think those short, Road Reiki sessions created a space for natural healing to occur. Two big toes up! A. MacKay

In 2013, at the age of 71, I had abdominal surgery which initially resulted in a good deal of pain and incapacitation. Barry Coleman suggested that Reiki would be effective in reducing the pain and improving my energy. I was desperate. Anything that would enable me to get better was worth it to me, so I arranged to have daily Reiki sessions. Within two weeks I was able to return home and continue my usual daily activities and exercise regime, including daily games of pickle ball. Much later, in 2019, I had emergency abdominal surgery with major complications which resulted in a six-week hospital stay. Then I was sent to rehabilitation to gain some strength and relearn how to walk and dress myself. I asked Barry for further (distance) Reiki sessions, which has continued to this day. When I finally arrived home, I spent many hours in bed and could only walk about 100 steps with a cane. Within 6 months I was walking 4 kms each day, manage my home and no longer needed home care. I have no idea about how Reiki works; I just know that it works for me.  Anne Carswell, Ph.D., FCAOT 

Thankfully, most people are appreciative, and many, amazed, with their Reiki experience. But, understandably, not everyone likes to write or see their name online attached to a testimonial.
Whether a client has come to Road Reiki to support their treatment for chronic or acute physical pain or other concerns, I quite often get verbal “testimonials” after a session like; “I feel so much lighter.” “I’m almost free of pain.” “My anxiety levels are way down.

My testimonial…Each time I leave after a Reiki session, I say “thank you,” not just for the business, but for the opportunity to share what’s been one of the best challenges I’ve taken on in my life.

Barry Coleman, Reiki Practitioner

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